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Mise à Jour - Amélioration Sons, DeathCam et Bugfixes

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Mise à Jour - Amélioration Sons, DeathCam et Bugfixes

Messagepar panteror » 30 mars 2017, 21:48


La mise à jour du jeu vient de sortir. Une mise à jour qui ajoute une DeathCam, améliore les sons, leur spatialisation et corrige pas mal de bugs concernant le système de gestion des armes.
Par ailleurs, ils apporteront des précisions lors de l'annonce de la mise à jour d'Avril la semaine prochaine au sujet de la version 2 des animations, les nouvelles maps, l'éditeur de carte, les commandes vocales et plus...

Voici le changelog complet :

Traduction à venir

Changelog original Anglais

  • Added deathcam
  • Adjusted uniform colors and brightness for better enemy visibility (also made the Germans less green)


  • Fully revamped 3p sounds (New 3p sounds for guns, sound occlusion to better judge distance and location of enemies, footsteps have not been reworked yet and will be next)


  • Added polish and art to Foy
  • Patched exploits that allowed players to get outside of the play area, into objects, get into "protected" boxes in the forest, etc.

  • Weapons can now be targeted when hip firing
  • Rifles no longer retarget automatically after firing if player is not holding target. Fixed bug where rifles did not untarget after firing
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to target rifle immediately after shooting
  • Fixed bug where quick switching could allow you to fire rifle faster than it normally cycles
  • Destroying objective now awards 1 obj point. Exploding objective now shows death message for anyone it kills
  • Jumping will now transition player out of crouch
  • We now play placeholder DefuseBomb sound cue when bomb is defused
  • Fixed issue where new weapon system did not implement user defined custom weapon mesh FOV
  • Fixed issue where thompson and garand did not use their respective brass eject particle emitters
  • Fixed issue where deployed MG could jump
  • Fixed bug where rifles would show bullet casing even when they did not cycle bolt on last shot
  • Fixed bug where cooked grenades were not dropped by players on death
  • Fixed issue where grenades could be picked up on overlap
  • Made fix to hide sniper rifle mesh and show scope overlay when spectating sniper in new weapon system
  • Added smoke back to shotgun classes lost during new weapon system refactor
  • Fixed bug where smoke grenades could detonate in hand and not consume itself.

Merci de nous faire vos retours sur cette mise à jour.

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