Patch Notes

Welcome to Days of War 2.0!

Please check these patch notes for any questions you have about what has changed in a version.

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-Fixed an issue where players could level up past max rank and initiate a rank reset
-Fixed an issue where projectile damage was not applied if player was dead when it exploded
-Fixed issue where experimental master server list was not filtering out incomptible server versions
-First time weapon cocking should only play in spawn
-Stamina will now affect the distance a player can jump
-Fixed bug from new spawn invulnerability system where a players first shot outside of spawn did 0 damage
-New spawn protection system:
–If you spawn inside the spawn boundary you will receive spawn invulnerability
–You will lose invuln if you fire your weapon or leave spawn
–Your first shot inside spawn will not do any damage and will remove invulnerability
-Fixed bug where rocket could damage team mates if you switched teams
-Increased rate of fire of Webley
-Game will no longer announce when bot leaves game
-Increased CoF on autos/smgs when moving
-Crouch movement speed increased
-Standing recoil is now 10% harder for all weapons
-Crouched recoil is now 10% easier for all weapons
-Sniper no scope accuracy increased
-Reduced sniper sway when crouching/prone
-Bren reload speed increased
-Changed Kickstarter backer purchase date from 2016 to any time before January 25th, 2017
-Fixed bug with previous grenade fix where attempting to pick up a grenade would just destroy it
-Fixed issue where American flag was showing on Bocage
-XP is now awarded on custom maps
-Fixed crash from presence of incorrect ati.dll in client
-Grenades are no longer given to player if they switch classes multiple times in spawn
-Silver/Gold pistols should show for Kickstarer backers
-Reduced damage of all sub machine guns
-Fixed issue where invalid characters could still be sent to chat
-General gameplay, exploit and collision fixes on Bocage, Carentan, Chateau, Lenin, Riverbed, Torch
-Improved performane of dow_riverbed and dow_carentan
-Added rank leaderboard to main menu (mighttake a few days before the stats propagate)
-Fixed movement jitter when crouched and ADS strafing
-Removed unnecessary log spam on server
-Implemented jump land sound
-Added British/Russian flag capture audio
-Bots should no longer play on the server when all human players have left (to save CPU for server hosts)
-Fixed bug where Jump/Land sounds were not playing for other players
-Added support for joining a game from the Steam friends list
-Removed recoil from melee weapons
-Addressed performance in Riverbed by removing expensive trees
-Fixed issue on Railyard where American flag was showing instead of Russian for the allied team
-Round end will now show ‘Victory’ or ‘Defeat’ relative to the player
-Round end will now show the proper faction icon for the allied team
-Removed American/German insignia from scoreboard now that we have multiple allied factions
-Fixed bug where updating server game mode settings would set MaxPlayers=1
-Fixed bug where weapon fire loop would continue after game start warmup
-Lowered match time from 20 to 15 minutes

Known issues
-Custom maps greater than 2Gb in size cannot be seen on the in-game workshop (they can still be downloaded from the steam workshop)